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management philosophy

The “corporate philosophy” established by Eizo Katayama, the second CEO in 1969, it has been carried over as a support for the purpose and activities of our business.

Celebrating the 100th anniversary on August 1, 2019, to “corporate philosophy” and “corporate purpose”.
We have added new “three actions” as action guidelines and established them as “management philosophy”.
We will fulfill our social responsibilities by implementing the “management philosophy” that is the basis of every business.

『corporate philosophy』

『corporate purpose』

Contributing expansively to society while cultivating a bountiful life-style.

[3 actions to pursue]

We value gratitude.
Boldly challenge evolution and progress.
Continuation is power. Through business, the annual growth rings of the company are accumulated.

greetings from our CEO

Since the founder Eiichi Katayama started “business” in 1919, we were able to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our founding on August 1, 2019. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those affiliated and stakeholders involved in our company.

We carried out a full renewal of our website on the occasion of our 100th anniversary. Our first website in 1999 was created by our employees themselves. Since then, we have carried out three renewals, so this site will be Ver.4. By Microsoft. Considering that the website was opened in 1999 when windows 95 was released and the existence of the Internet began to become familiar, it may have been at the forefront of the times. We will continue to strive to be a unique trading company and quick on our feet to keep up with the ever-increasing evolution of technology.

With the 100th anniversary as an opportunity, all employees will be aware of the three new actions, “gratitude,” “challenge,” and “continuation,” and will carefully repeat the new annual tree rings of history. Aiming to be a company where stakeholders can become a “fan” of Katayama Tekken, we strive to continue being a company where each employee pursues self-improvement with curiosity and aspirations.

president and CEO Takashi Katayama

company history video clip

company profile

company name
E. Katayama & Co., Ltd.
osaka head office
osaka toyopet building 7F, 3-1-1 itachibori, nishi-ku, osaka-shi, osaka
100 million yen
president and ceo
Katayama Takashi
number of employees
122 people
business content
Focusing on steel products and construction material products, we sell a wide range of products for civil engineering, construction and industry in the construction field, and for the primary industry in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries field, and continue to propose optimal solutions for fabrication, construction and all related services.
Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Permit (General-29) No. 14454 Types of construction industry / construction / roof / sheet metal work business
affiliated companies
Sakae Kogyo Co., Ltd./Yamaki Kobayashi Co., Ltd./Mihara Shoten Co., Ltd./Kamitetsu Co., Ltd./Kushiro Katayama Tekken Co., Ltd./Roof One Co., Ltd.

sales office / center

osaka sales office
3-1-1 itachibori, nishi-ku, osaka 550-0012 (osaka toyopet building 7F)
TEL 06-6532-1571 (main) FAX 06-6543-3630
higashi osaka steel center
2-2-9 honjonaka, higashi-osaka city, osaka 578-0957
TEL 06-6747-7551 FAX 06-6747-7554
fukuoka sales office
1-8-38 matsuda, higashi-ku, fukuoka 812-0064
TEL 092-626-0888 (main) FAX 092-626-0880
north kanto sales office
233 yajima, meiwa-cho, oura-gun, gunma 370-0712
TEL 0276-84-3511 (main) FAX 0276-84-3514
tokyo sales office
3-20-5 hatchobori, chuo-ku, tokyo 104-0032
(s-gate hatchobori 5F)
TEL 03-3551-6321 (main) FAX 03-3551-6397
matsudo steel center
170 kamihongo, matsudo city, chiba 271-0064
(inside kitamatsudo Industrial park)
TEL 047-369-2239 FAX 047-369-2210
tohoku sales office
290-3 torimaru, esashiku odaki, oshu city, iwate 023-1131
TEL 0197-35-8721 FAX 0197-35-8726
sapporo sales office
4-2-2, kita 1-jo nishi, chuo-ku, sapporo-shi, hokkaido 060-0001
(sapporo north plaza 8F)
TEL 011-241-6291 (main) FAX 011-241-5379
sapporo steel center
13-1-30, hassamu 14 jo, nishi-ku, sapporo-shi, hokkaido 063-0834
TEL 011-661-3111 (main) FAX 011-661-8225